30ish Going on 13

Currently: June-July 2018

Currently: June-July 2018

Well this is the first time I'm doing a double month. The past two months have had me feeling very uninspired to create. I've been living my life very much offline with family visiting and World Cup watching. It's no excuse but an older Patty would have been disappointed with herself and would have tried as much as she could to force herself to churn entries for the sake of. This version of me is just happy to be on here again.

This is a compromise instead is a two month compendium of things not so current but still enjoyed over the past 2 months. Thanks for coming by, I appreciate it.


  • Clearly, the reason I disappeared to begin with was cause I was swept up by the entire FIFA World Cup. I admit it was my first one that I followed end to end and what an experience it was. It was fun to watch, not knowing what was happening to slowly understanding the rules and then appreciating the hotness. I liked how it became a bonding experience with my cousin Acid and her husband, Toby and how they patiently explained rules and why things were happening. I also drank way too much beer, stayed up way too late and generally tired myself out. Friends met colleagues. Colleagues met family. And it was fun. Maybe I'll check out the Premier League or maybe I'll rest.
  • So many friends from all over visited Singapore the past two months. It was great to see Sophie, Chrissy, Lou, Sayaka, Marina (and Tom!). I'm happy I was able to see all of them in between meeting family. I miss friends in Manila but I'm also glad Singapore is such a quick flight out that I'm always somehow on their layover or just a good weekend trip. Good times.
  • Then in June, my brother Pietro spent a weekend with us and in July my parents came over to celebrate my dad's birthday. Both were hectic and tiring but super fruitful. It's always nice to have family visiting and I always end up getting sick the day after they leave (I guess I tire myself out a bit much) but it's always welcome. I should drink more Vitamin C though.
  • We moved offices at work so I said goodbye to one lunch buddy (Ami, let's be honest we only went out twice) and hello to new lunch buddies, Rashi and Malini in Tanjong Pagar. The new building is quite interesting and though a bit further than our old office, it's still pretty accessible and with so much food options nearby. I can't complain.
  • Met both my Filipino crews (spending an 8 hour brunch at Sentosa -- that was crazy but amazing) and celebrated with Denise on her store opening. I wish I had a house that I could actually furnish because her store is amazing. All the rugs, all the furniture. It is house envy. I need these in my future house.

Working On

  • The past 2 months, I also wasn't allowed to run or play tennis because of my patellofemoral pain I went to physio for 6 weeks and rested but I'm so bad at doing physio outside of the weekly schedule that I definitely need to work on that more if I want to get back to full on running. Definitely going to take it a lot easier than 21KM training.
  • The next podcast episode is coming. Though content is tough given my quasi-hiatus from the dating scene (I deleted the apps for a bit). There are some stragglers and there is still a story to tell so I'm going to get off my ass and do that soon. I promise myself.
  • I'm working on a project with Macy and Chinggay and though it's taking us a while to get it off the ground (I think we're just lazy), I'm pretty excited once we get into the groove of things. I think I just need to find that thing that I'm all in about. We'll see. I hope we finally finish the first take on it and share it with everyone.


  • I'm heading into my first sort of long vacation for the year and using the visa to visit the siblings! I'm so unprepared. I haven't packed, I haven't done my turnover, and I'm just not planned at all. I hope it's a chill trip and just a nice rest without any stress. Fingers crossed. Repeat 10x.
  • But really, I just want to get back to running and playing tennis without worrying I'm doing things wrong and my knees are giving up on me. It's so weird to try and run but be so conscious with how I'm running. I look forward to being more carefree about running again and getting to do more than 3KM at a time and not feeling too wiped out.

Keep It

Getting older physically. I'm 31 but I can feel it. Everyday, I feel the aches and pains. Back in the day, I could run and drink and stay up late and get up the next day and be ok to work. But now, I feel it. I need to exercise (stretch a shit ton) before I actually exercise (the running). When did this happen? How is 31 old already?! I am not loving this grandma feels physically.

World Cup of Handsome

World Cup of Handsome